Reach has an all-new look and additional features!

We’re excited to bring you the latest version of Reach—where we refreshed the look, enhanced usability, as well as added exciting new features. Below is an overview of what’s new, including some links to learn more.

Modernized Look and Increased Performance

You’ll quickly notice the increased speed as you start to navigate through the refreshed interface. Whether you’re using the lightning-fast real-time search or finding useful information in the side panels, you’ll find it easy to get the information you’re looking for faster than ever before.

Introducing Campaigns

Workflows are now organized into campaigns, creating groups of workflows separated by their core objective. This allows you to track information in an easy-to-use format. Click her e to learn more about campaigns.

Enhanced Date Pickers

Quickly choose dates and time periods with the enhanced date pickers, available across the entire application.

Patient Communication Page

The patient communication page is available to quickly see demographic information pulled from the EMR, recent communication, and contact options. For those who have HEP, you can also track your patient's HEP activity.  Click here to learn more.

Net Promoter® Summary Tab

NPS® is now organized in an easier to read format. Click here to learn more.

Updated Settings

You’ll have full access to manage your account, provider profiles, company, regions, facilities, providers, and users by clicking your name in the upper right of the application, and then Settings. 

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